katie lee jones

fresh style, high energy and passion for her work mark katie lee jones, both personally and professionally. with more than a decade of hands-on work in the beauty industry, she has established her reputation as an inspired hair, makeup and wardrobe professional. her experience as an artist, stylist, salon owner, educator and producer formed the foundation of her styling philosophy and brand.

the brand: to know and understand, that is the definition. by listening to what people say about their beauty history, katie lee gets to know who they are and understands what they’re like in order to design a tailored fit. as a stylist and a mentor, she has instructed and collaborated with hundreds of beauty professionals, clients and creatives, further developing her discipline of communication, collaboration and execution.

the hair stylist/innovator: highly skilled in cutting, coloring and styling, katie lee textures hair as a weaver textures fabric, to complement the head shape and follow the way the hair grows. guided by primary elements of design, human nature and anatomy, she seeks beauty with natural balance. creating patterns using square, circle, triangle, red, yellow and blue to connect with nature she creates desired looks. katie lee believes that hair is a fabric relating heat and water as the major tools to manipulate hair.

the mentor: skilled in all aspects of training, katie lee works with individuals and groups, including full-program planning. she provides technical leadership to a wide range of students and professionals. creating with different products, applications, color theory, hair cutting, styling and product sales, primarily through practical demonstration and supervision of hands-on practice. her artistic vision is to teach others to simplify beauty techniques and see primary elements as a balance for the perfect fit.

for hire: katie lee  jones works behind the chair, fashion editorial, print, advertising, session styling,weddings, portraits, film/video and image consulting. based in louisville, ky katie lee is not bound by state limits. she frequently travels for consultation or freelance work in new york, chicago and indianapolis.


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